LOA Kittens Ready for Adoption

All Kittens are 4 months and older
To see our youngest angels not yet ready for adoption, head over to the Kitten Nursery
All LOA cats available for adoption are spayed / neutered, microchipped and 
are current on required vaccinations.
The kittens are listed in age order with the oldest first.

Adult Cats
Kitten Nursery
  1. Georgie
  2. Roxie
  3. Roxie
  4. Georgie
  5. Roxie
  6. Georgie & Roxie

**Approximate DOB 7/26/17
Georgie And Roxie

LOA literally took these babies in off the street as unweaned bottle  babies.  Their foster mom worked around the clock to care for them until they were big enough to begin eating on their own.  They have grown into truly one of the ABSOLUTE sweetest kittens we’ve ever raised.  Orange females are somewhat rare, so we hit the jackpot in more ways than just their sweet personalities!  Both of these kittens are super affectionate and loving, but each has her or his own distinct personality:

Georgie – (light blue collar) leader of the pack and LOVES to lay on you, purring and kneading.  She is usually the first to try new things. 

Roxie – (dark blue collar) will often sit and watch the others, but loves laser light and purrs the loudest. 

Both these cuties look like they will be plush to medium hair and are varying shades of orange tabby.  We can’t say enough about their sweet, sweet personalities!  Both have been raised with adult cats, large dogs and humans.  They have been kid-tested and did very well.  Because of their age and energy level, both will need to go to a home with an existing young adult playful cat or be adopted with a sibling. 

Please write to us at adopt.littleorphanangels@yahoo.com for more information or to meet one of these little beauties!

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Sansa - Approximate DOB 8/1/17 

Meet Sansa!  Approximate DOB 8/1/17 – Sansa is a sweet little tabby girl that has a huge personality!  She loves to snuggle with the other cats in her house and plays with everyone that’s interested in a game of tag or kitten wrestling.  Sansa also shows great respect to the senior cat in the house and does not bother her at all.  With all of the snuggling and playing, it’s very important that Sansa have another young, playful cat in her forever home - she would be lost without a pal.  Her foster family tells us she does love to be picked up and held, but is not needy about your time or affection.  Her favorite things are snuggling on a fuzzy blanket, stick toys or Da Bird and the Cat Dancer.  She does love to play, but not a hard player (all play all the time).  Sansa lives with a small dog, but she and the dog have an agreement that they just basically ignore each other lol.  Sansa’s focus is on the other cats and her humans.  Come and meet this sweet girl today – she would be a great addition for the right family!

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