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ABOUT THE KITTEN NURSERY - Please Read Before Inquiring

Because of our commitment to raising well socialized, healthy animals for adoption, the kittens in our program are approximately 16 weeks old before they are ready for adoption.  During that time they are in their foster homes, we work on proper weaning, good habits (potty box, scratching, etc.), good manners and any other special items that might need to be addressed.  Our kittens are always raised with siblings or other foster kittens to promote healthy play activity as well as learning good manners.  The humans in our foster homes are adept at focusing on socialization and do all possible to raise well rounded, social kittens. 

In addition, during the time they are fostered, we take care of the vetting process which takes several months to complete.  Our kittens receive testing for FIV/Leukemia, multiple fecal testings, vaccines and boosters, spay/neuter, microchipping and an overall health exam each time they visit our veterinarian - all while they are with us.  That brings them to about 15-16 weeks old when they are ready.  

If you see a kitten in the nursery here on our website that you would like to talk to us about pre-adopting, we can certainly do that.  Email adopt.littleorphanangels@yahoo.com for more information on pre-adopting.  We hope you enjoy these sweet little faces, and they will see you soon!
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