LOA Adult Cats Ready for Adoption
All LOA cats available for adoption are spayed / neutered, microchipped and 
are current on required vaccinations. If you would like to meet a cat in person, click the link of the cat you are interested in to email our adoption manager. 
Adult Cats
Kitten Nursery
DOB:   1/1/2014
Breed:   Calico
Good with Dogs:   Yes
Good with Cats:    Yes
Good with Kids:    Yes 
**Needs another cat in the home: She would like a companion but really likes to get all the attention.

Bella came to LOA needing immediate help.  She had a pretty serious injury to the inside of one of her back legs and needed vet care right away.  After several weeks of medications and TLC, she is completely healed and has integrated herself into her foster home as the established Queen of all she sees. She lives with two male cats and can co-exist just fine, but she really seems to prefer all of the attention for herself.  So a home with a submissive existing cat might be okay, but she would be very happy as an “only child” also.  

Her favorite things are to have a stool or chair pulled up to the window where she can chatter to the birds, little toy mice she can toss around and FOOD!  She doesn’t miss a meal!  Bella is loving and sweet with her foster mom and has no problem asking for attention.  Her fur is super soft and she loves to be petted on your lap or behind your shoulders sitting on the sofa.  

​After just a couple of minutes with a newcomer, she greets all of the new guests into the home and seems to be quite confident and loving to all.  Bella has a sweet playful side, but not the frenetic energy of a kitten – she “chills” for most of the day.  Do you have room in your home and heart for this Calico beauty?  Write to us at adopt.littleorphanangels@yahoo.com for more information or come by and see us most Saturdays at the North Richland Hills Petsense Store (5615 Rufe Snow Drive) from 11-3p.
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DOB: 06/01/15
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Good with Dogs: She seems to not mind dogs as long as they are cat friendly.
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: She does have a lot of energy, so children would be a good fit for her.

Needs another cat in the home: She is still a very active girl and will need someone else to play with.
Bree was pulled from a local shelter and had been there for 3 months.  She was VERY ready to get out of there and explore!  Bree is loving, affectionate and very sweet in addition to liking most other cats and we think she is actually also a fan of dogs!  We’ve exposed her to one of our resident volunteer’s (big) dogs, and she reached out very gently to “tap” the dog on the side.  They don’t’ seem to upset her when they walk by at Petsense, so we think she would be fine with a cat-friendly dog.  

​Bree’s perfect home might consist of a fairly active family with another nice cat and maybe a dog.  Her foster mom tells us she sleeps with them and is a big cuddler at bed time.  Bree is an active cat (in spurts, like most adult cats), and loves a game of feather on a stick or laser pointer.  She is an all around great cat and would be a wonderful addition to most any family – warm, loving, and very social!  

 DOB: 04/11/2015
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes 

Needs another cat in the home: Bruce would like a friendly dog or cat.

  Multi-cat household (must be nice cats). 
​Hello!  My name is Bruce and I like a quiet home with multiple lifetime partners for me to play, cuddle and groom with.  No, I’m not odd, I just really like other cats as long as they are nice to me.  I prefer a home that is not very active  - a dog is okay as long as they won’t insist on being BFF’s.  I like dogs, but I’ve never met one I want to, like, cuddle with or anything.  After all – they’re (sniff) DOGS!  We should be able to live peacefully though.  

As far as humans go, I prefer just one, maybe two, and I really prefer women.  It takes me a little while to warm up, but not too long.    I’m at my happiest when it’s just me and my cat buddies, but I’ll take an occasional scratch behind the ear or pat on the head from my humans.  I’m not big on sitting in the laps, though, just to be honest!  I can’t remember all the way back, but for some reason, men really scare me – maybe something happened?  I’ll let you know if anything comes out in therapy.  I’m not crazy about the short humans that run around a lot and are really loud.  Seriously?  I’m trying to sleep here….  

​Anyway, if YOU have a home like this, and are looking for a roommate that will be a good friend for your cats, maybe I’m your boy!  Check me out at Petsense (5615 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills) most Saturdays 11-3p.  

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 DOB: 11/01/2015
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes 

Needs another cat in the home: Finn likes the company of other cats.
Please meet Finn!  She came to LOA from our local Emergency Animal Hospital at the end of 2015 when she was just a couple of months old.  Finn was found by a Good Samaritan and brought to the Animal Emergency Hospital after being viciously attacked by what we can only assume was a dog or perhaps a wild animal.  She was in pretty bad shape for a while, but luckily it turned out that all of her wounds were superficial and no internal injuries were found.  She still retains the scars on the back of her head and neck from the attack.  To have had such a rough beginning, Finn has blossomed into a quiet, sweet little girl that loves to play, snuggle (and play some more).  She is a little shy when meeting new people, but has really bonded well with her foster family.  She lives with other kittens, cats and a small dog.  Finn’s perfect home would be with another nice cat or older kitten to play and cuddle with.  The activity of younger children might scare her, but older kids would be okay.  
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 Layla has just lost her home.  She was originally adopted from LOA several years ago, but sadly her aging Mom is now unable to care for herself or Layla any longer, so this girl is looking for a home again.  Layla’s home was perfect - quiet with just she and her Mom, although it was okay when the grandkids came to visit occasionally.  

​She’s a fairly confident cat, social, loving and would do very well again in a home with perhaps an older couple or single person.   Layla was originally found by an LOA volunteer roaming the streets as a FOUR PAW DECLAW.  Luckily, she escaped the street life and was very grateful to be with us.  Layla does NOT want to share her family with other animals, so she does need to be your one and only.  Do you have room in your life, home and heart for this senior beauty?  
Luigi - Bio Coming Soon
Good with Dogs
Good with Cats: 
Good with Kids: 

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 Misty came to LOA as a mama cat who had just lost her kittens. This petite 9 month old little medium hair girl is as sweet as can be. She gets along with all the other cats in her foster home as well as 3 big dogs. She plays well everyone and would love to be your forever friend.
Sammie (Adopted To His Forever Parents)
 Sammie has returned!  Sammie and her brothers Dean and Frank were taken in as kittens into the LOA program.  All have been adopted to forever homes for several years now until (Surprise!) Sammy rejoined us recently.  Yes folks, through no fault of her own, Sammie has lost her home.  We are very glad she is back safely with LOA and we will now set about finding a perfect forever home for her.  Feedback from her foster home is that she is amazingly SWEET!  She comes to be petted and loved on – does belly rolls and flops over and under with joy when you love on her.  

​She’s quiet, loving and would do very well in most homes.  She does startle easily, but recovers quickly, so we’re thinking perhaps a home with older children or all adult just because of noise and activity.  We are still learning more about her, so email us with your interest or any questions by clicking the button below.
 DOB:   03/2016
Breed:   Tortie 
Good with Dogs:   NA
Good with Cats:    NA
Good with Kids:    NA

Serafina is a great mama and a sweet girl. Loves to rub up against you and absolutely adores the deshedding tool and to be brushed. She loves those head and neck scratches too. Serafina also loves to play when she gets some 'alone' time.
Serafina will not be ready for adoption for a few weeks.  She just had two adorable babies " Remi & Shae " that you can see in the Kitten Nursery by clicking the link.
Yoda & Roni   (Need To Be Adopted Together)
DOB: Ronin: 10/01/2016
Yoda: 06/01/2015
Breed: Ronin is a Domestic short hair tabby
Yoda is a solid color domestic short hair
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes, but with older children.

Needs another cat in the home: Ronin helps Yoda so much that these two must be adopted together.

Ronin came to LOA by way of a local shelter as a tiny boy with upper respiratory and ringworm.  He would have most likely been euthanized.  He has received many weeks of excellent veterinary care and nutritious food while with us and now his days are full of sunshine and are never gray and cloudy. This boy is so full of love and energy, you just can’t go wrong choosing him. His days consist of lots of playing, running around and snuggling. He loves to give and receive kisses. Ronin is paired with his friend and best buddy, Yoda because Yoda is very shy and will require a bit of patience in his forever home.  The boys are great companions and there’s NOTHING shy about Ronin – he loves everyone!  Because Ronin is paired with Yoda, he would do best with older children or an adult-only home.  With proper introductions, Ronin and Yoda also do great with other cats. Dogs are unknown at this point. Visit Ronin at our next adoption event – most Saturdays at Petsense, 5615 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills, TX.  For more information on Ronin, please email adopt.littleorphanangels@yahoo.com.

Yoda came to us as a kitten in which his siblings were adopted. He doesn’t know why he was the only one left, for black cats have a beautiful soul. With no fault of his own, due to his previous environment, he turned semi-feral. An understanding home and with proper introduction, Yoda can coexist in your home. With lots of work and patience, foster mom can love on him and trim his nails; and eventually so can you. He does ask for pettings, but he prefers attention from the feline kind. This is why he is paired with Ronin. You will get all the loving and playtime you want with Ronin and Yoda will find companionship with him. Yoda loves to drink from the sink and watch you from the cat tree. Yoda cannot be in a home with young children. An experienced cat owner is preferred. As said before, Yoda loves cats, so other felines in the home would be great for him. 

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